In the middle at the New Year

This New Year snuck up on me like a fog and vanished just as quietly. Typically I would spend a lot of energy thinking about the upcoming New Year, reflecting on the last year and jotting down my hopes for the year to come.


But this year felt different.

I took a yoga class on New Year’s Eve and our teacher grounded the practice in being in “the middle” – inspired because the holiday fell mid-week this year. This got me thinking about the many ways I feel “in between” in my own life right now. Not yet settled in my new life after dramatic changes this year, but also not a stranger here. This “middle” place has become its own season of life.

Today is the middle of January – some time has passed since the New Year:

    • In what ways do you find yourself “in the middle” at this time?
    • In what was do you see yourself emerging?
    • In this dark and cold season – are there places still healing while others inch towards new growth?